Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre’s Top 10 Memorable Games As A Packer

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1. Super Bowl XXXI – Jan. 26, 1997

In the end, most athletes play to win games and to win championships. Favre was no different in that respect. Favre winning his only Super Bowl is the obvious choice for Favre’s No. 1 most memorable game as a Green Bay Packer.

Favre put up an MVP-type performance, as he helped lead the Packers to a Super Bowl XXXI victory ov by throwing for 246 yards, two touchdowns, and rushing for another.

We all remember the iconic moment when Favre audibled to a pass on the second play from scrimmage for the Packers offense. He hit Andre Rison for a 54-yard touchdown pass and Favre went running off the field with his helmet off and pumping it in the air.

Favre would later go on to throw an 81-yard touchdown pass to Antonio Freeman and Favre would rush for another touchdown, diving for the endzone and getting the ball just past the goal line and inside the pylon.

The Packers would go on to beat the New England Patriots 35-21, in what would be Favre’s only Super Bowl championship of his career.

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