Best of the Packers: Top 10 offensive linemen since 1960

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Forrest Gregg is shown in an undated photo. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons/This work is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1977 and without a copyright notice.)

With the Green Bay Packers set to open training camp at the end of this month, Dairyland Express charges ahead during our look back at the rich history of the Pack, ranking the top 10 players since 1960 by position groups.

Why 1960? Because it’s just more quantifiable since then. Full statistical information exists, which makes comparisons much easier, and honestly, professional football is a different game since the formation of the American Football League and its high-powered passing games.

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Today marks the switch from defense to offense and we begin with the guys up front, the offensive linemen.

They are perhaps the most difficult group of players to quantify before it’s only been recently that any type of statistical data existed to help us tell them apart.

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We would be remiss to not acknowledge some of the top performers from that era prior to 1960, and on the offensive line that would mean players such as Hall of Famers Jim Ringo (1953-63)—who played most of his career prior to 1960—as well as fellow enshrines Mike Michalske (1929-37) and Cal Hubbard (1929-35). Other longtime performers on the offensive line were Jug Earp (1922-32), Buckets Goldenberg (1933-45) and Baby Ray (1938-48).

The defense was covered in the first four installments of the series: The top kickers and punters, defensive backs, linebackers and defensive linemen.

And now, here are the top 10 offensive linemen for the Green Bay Packers in the modern era:

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