Best of the Packers: Top 10 defensive linemen since 1960

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Hall of Famer Willie Davis is shown in an undated photo. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons/This work is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1977 and without a copyright notice.)

With the Green Bay Packers set to open training camp at the end of this month, Dairyland Express we continue our look back at the rich history of the Pack, ranking the top 10 players since 1960 by position groups.

Why 1960? Because it’s just more quantifiable since then. Full statistical information exists, which makes comparisons much easier, and honestly, professional football is a different game since the formation of the American Football League and its high-powered passing games.

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But we would be remiss to not acknowledge some of the top performers from that earlier era.

Among defensive linemen, that includes players such as Dick Wildung (1946-53), John Martinkovic (1951-56), Carl Elliott (1951-54) and Don Wells (1946-49).

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The defensive line is often the home of players who don’t get a lot of notoriety. Rather, they battle in the trenches, tying up blockers so the more glamorous linebackers can make the tackles and get the headlines.

But the 10 players on this list did their share of headline grabbing, as well, doing their jobs on the front line of the defense so well that we had to notice.

And so the series continues with the stoppers in those trenches.

The first installment of the series counted down the top kickers and punters. The second looked at defensive backs. And the third was dedicated to linebackers.

So with that preamble, here are the top 10 defensive linemen for the Green Bay Packers in the modern era:

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