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Aaron Rodgers was in the crowd cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers as they defeated the Arizona Wildcats Saturday and punched their ticket to Indy. Rodgers has become quite the good luck charm, watching the Badgers make it to the Final Four for the second straight year.

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While this is certainly not the first time the Green Bay Packers ‘ quarterback has been seen rooting for Wisconsin, it is the first time he’s been criticized for making an appearance at the Big Dance.

Dennis Dodd, a national college basketball writer for, was not happy about the Rodgers’ spectacle. Tweeting his disapproval of Rodgers being on the court after the game, Dodd make national headlines.

Dodd did not stop there, he also called out the quarterback for declining to be interviewed following the game.

In case the criticism from Dodd was not enough, NFL linebacker Lance Briggs also called Rodgers out via Twitter on Thursday.

The condemnation of Aaron Rodgers is absurd for multiple reasons. Let’s break down the situation, comment by comment, and see the ridiculous nature of this criticism.

January 18, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) throws against the Seattle Seahawks during the second half in the NFC Championship game at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Criticism 1: Aaron Rodgers should not be on the court

Dodd was upset that Rodgers was allowed on the court after the game because he did not have media credentials. There are two reasons why this is a non-issue. First of all, Rodgers had a pass to be on the court.

Second of all, sometimes being a Super Bowl winning quarterback comes with perks. Wisconsin loves Aaron Rodgers, and the Badger players have clearly enjoyed having him around.

When it comes to famous people receiving extra benefits, Aaron Rodgers having court access after the game should be the least of people’s concerns. Anyone who has a problem with this issue should focus more on the athletes that avoid disciplinary action for illegal behavior, not on a quarterback who received court access with a pass.

Criticism 2: Aaron Rodgers declined to be interviewed

Aaron Rodgers is an NFL quarterback. Not only that, he is an MVP quarterback with a Super Bowl ring and he plays for a successful franchise. The guys gets interviewed, a lot. He enters a press room after every game and gives the media the opportunity to drill him with questions.

He also goes on a radio show every week during the season to answer questions and talk to fans. He participates in endless interviews every season.

March, however, falls into the offseason category. Rodgers is no longer on the spot. He has a few months to take a step back and keep his thoughts to himself. So he didn’t want to be interviewed? Who could blame the guy? Rodgers gives the media enough time when the Packers are in season, let him enjoy the time off.

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  • Furthermore, March is the Badgers’ time to shine. The Badgers made it to the Final Four, not Aaron Rodgers. This game had nothing to do with the Packers, and Rodgers does not have to comment on it. If Rodgers would have given an interview, it would have detracted from the real story.

    The Wisconsin Badgers made it to the Final Four, and their players should be allowed to bask in the spotlight without the ultra-popular quarterback casting a shadow.

    Criticism 3: Aaron Rodgers lacks loyalty

    Lance Briggs was correct in what he said, Rodgers did go to California. The problem here is that the Golden Bears were not on the court Saturday, the Wisconsin Badgers and Arizona Wildcats were. Rodgers does not have an issue with team loyalty.

    The thought behind this argument is that Rodgers should have been cheering for Arizona because they are a fellow member of the Pac-12. However, as Rodgers pointed out on his Twitter page,  he has a legitimate reason to be loyal to the Wisconsin Badgers.

    Rodgers is a part of Wisconsin athletics, and he has every right to support the Wisconsin Badgers.

    The criticism of Rodgers over the weekend was utterly ridiculous. Celebrating on the court, declining an interview, and supporting a team other than his alma mater are trivial matters. Leave the man alone, and let him celebrate.

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