Packers issues in 2015


Coming off of a disappointing collapse in the NFC Championship (I would say the worst loss in franchise history) , some may look at the positives and say that the Green Bay Packers are a legit contender next year. That they are, but these three problems may hold them back from winning a title.

The first is Mike McCarthy. My biggest problem with him is that he isn’t aggressive enough. Every year, it’s the same thing; numerous games they’ll have leads and he’ll just run the ball to try and kill the clock. But, it never works because everyone knows he does it and they play to stop the run.

Look at the Atlanta game from this year. The game was all but over at half, yet they didn’t go for the kill and allowed them back into the game, (I think it exposed the defense because they had no answer for Julio Jones). In the NFC Championship, he decides to run the ball to kill the clock.

This is the same coach that wouldn’t try to score from the 1-yard line on two separate occasions, yet he is gonna try to run the clock out when they know what’s coming.

I can remember back to 2008, a close game in Minnesota, Green Bay was losing by three points, they got to around Minnesota’s 40, and he quit trying to move the ball. They settled for about a 52-yard field goal attempt, and Mason Crosby missed it. All of these games and more, he has the best quarterback in the game, but he doesn’t let him finish the games.

The one time I can actually remember him being aggressive with a lead was in the Super bowl win against Pittsburgh. They were trying to score touchdowns at the end, they didn’t on their last drive, but what do you know, they still won the game.

McCarthy is the least of my concerns; if he ever gets aggressive, he won’t be holding the team back.

The next concern is defensive coordinator Dom Capers. The defense improved in the second half of last season, but it wasn’t anything great. Since the Super Bowl win in the 2010 season, the defense has failed to resemble anything close to the then-No. 2 defense in the league.

The team has focused on fixing the defense through the draft the past three years, even using five picks in the first two rounds during that span, and the results have been minimal. A lot of fans like to point to that second-half improvement, but to me, Capers should have a top 10 defense with all the talent out there.

The defense fails to make plays when they need to. They look weak, nothing shows them being a physical team. Did the rush defense improve in the second half last year? Yes it did, but to me, that had to do with who they played and how the offense played. To me, they didn’t face a top running back.

LeSean McCoy is good, but the game was almost out of reach before he got onto the field, forcing Philadelphia to pass a lot.

Aug 9, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers special teams coach Shawn Slocum during the game against the Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau Field. The Cardinals won 17-0. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The last issue and biggest issue is special teams coach Shawn Slocum. He has been a problem longer than Capers. Right off, I remember back to 2010, when Green Bay played Atlanta in the regular season. Aaron Rodgers had led the team down to tie the game at 17 with a minute left.

Then, Crosby kicks the ball off, and the special teams gives up a 40-yard return, capped off by a 15-yard facemask penalty. The defense went on to give up 20 yards and allow a chip shot field goal for Atlanta to win the game, but this is just an example of why Slocum needs to go.

The team rarely blocks field goals or punts, yet they manage to have one of their own blocked in what seems like every other game. Kick and punt coverage is just bad. And shown in the Seattle game, they have no idea that a team may fake a field goal. The whole special teams part is just a disaster.

For years, I have said that those are their two biggest problems and why they probably won’t win a title as long as both are on still on the team. The Seattle game proved everything I’ve been saying. First, the fake field goal, was an embarrassment; they didn’t even expect it. Then the onside kick, why is a guy out there that can’t do his job?

Finally, the defense couldn’t stop Seattle, mainly the run game, which supposedly was fixed. Seattle went back to the read option, which killed Green Bay against San Francisco in the playoffs a few years ago, and hurt them in Week 1 at Seattle. yet both coaches still have their jobs.

In my opinion, Slocum is the biggest concern. For far too long has special teams continuously hurt the team. Aside from the occasional punt return for a touchdown, nothing good comes from them. Kick returns are almost none existent. Beside Cobb’s kickoff return for a touchdown on opening night in 2011, I can’t remember another kick return for a touchdown in years.

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