The Green Bay Packers’ secondary must be second to none

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 08: Kevin King /
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Aaron Rodgers won’t solely control how deep the Green Bay Packers go in the playoffs. Rather it will be the secondary who determines how deep of a run they make.

For years, the achilles heel of the Green Bay Packers has been poor secondary play. When thinking about past playoff runs the majority of losses can be pinned to the secondary, such as the 2017 NFC Championship.

However, between Ted Thompson‘s final draft in 2017 and Brian Gutekunst’s first this offseason the Packers have loaded up on younger secondary players. Gutekunst also brought in some seasoned veterans to help pave the way for the young guns.

While most people would attribute the Packers down season last year to Aaron Rodgers’ injury, that wasn’t the whole story. Sure, missing arguably the best quarterback in the NFL for the majority of the season will leave a dent in the team’s record. However, it doesn’t help that the secondary allowed the 23rd most passing yards per game last season. They were also 30th in the league last season in opponent completion percentage (67.8).

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Without a doubt, the Packers, whose offense ranked 21st in the league last season averaging 20 points per game, would’ve scored more with Rodgers healthy for a full season. Although they most likely would’ve made the playoffs it’s a question of how far they could have gone with the secondary playing the way they were.

Moral of the story; the secondary must be in tip-top shape for the Packers to be successful and make a Super Bowl run. With that, all eyes will be on the Packers secondary in 2018.

There are a few questions that surround the secondary before the start of the season. As of right now it’s hard to tell who will be the starting pair. Also, members of the secondary are either very young or at the tail end of their career. Knowing that, there’s no way to tell how they will perform. It’s all speculation until the first game of the season.