Best of the Packers: Top 10 wide receivers since 1960

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Donald Driver, the most prolific Green Bay Packers receiver of all time. (Photo courtesy Raymond T. Rivard/

The Green Bay Packers will open training camp in just a couple of weeks or less and Dairyland Express jumps back into our look back at the history of the Pack, ranking the top 10 players since 1960 by position group.

Why 1960? Because it’s just more quantifiable since then. Full statistical information exists, which makes comparisons much easier, and honestly, professional football is a different game since the formation of the American Football League and its high-powered passing games.

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Today, we look at wide receivers, a position that had gained in importance as the modern-day, pass-first offenses have evolved. With today’s short-passing, ball-control offenses, wide receivers play a role in moving the chains that was almost exclusively the purview of running backs in years past.

The defense was covered in the first four installments of the series: The top kickers and punters, defensive backs, linebackers and defensive linemen.

The offense began up front with the offensive linemen and continued with tight ends.

And now, the top 10 wide receivers for the Green Bay Packers in the modern era:

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