6 Packers Preparing for their Final Season in Green Bay

Which Packers could be done in Green Bay after this year?
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2. AJ Dillon, running back

Running back AJ Dillon may not even make it out of the offseason program still with the Green Bay Packers.

Dillon needs to really run well in the preseason and put a lot of good stuff out there on tape for other teams to see that he's still got it, because he clearly didn't have many lucrative options in NFL free agency. The Packers had to use a rare exception to even bring him back the way that he did, but it essentially allowed them to do so with no strings attached.

Dillon wasn't able to seize the RB1 role last season when Aaron Jones had to miss significant time due to injury, and even though he's still young and has played well in the past, this is very much a "what have you done for me lately?" kind of league.

If he sticks with the Packers this season, what is the ceiling for a player like AJ Dillon? He could beat out Marshawn Lloyd for snaps, but that would be an upset considering offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich is on record as saying that he wants to get Lloyd out there as much as possible. The Packers signed Josh Jacobs in free agency, and while Jacobs has had issues with injuries in the past, it would likely take a lengthy injury before the season for Dillon to be on this roster.

Even if he remains in Green Bay in 2024, he's probably on borrowed time with the team.