6 Packers Preparing for their Final Season in Green Bay

Which Packers could be done in Green Bay after this year?
Green Bay Packers
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3. Josh Myers, center

One position group where the Green Bay Packers seem completely fine with roster turnover is on the offensive line. They let go of David Bakhtiari this offseason and they let starting right guard Jon Runyan Jr. leave in free agency (he signed with the New York Giants).

Why are the Packers okay letting these guys leave? Well, few teams have done as well at developing in-house talent as the Packers and offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Adam Stenavich. This team is justifiably arrogant with the way they churn out starting-caliber linemen, and they might be willing to bank on that with a young center in the 2025 offseason.

The Packers took Josh Myers in the 2nd round of the 2021 NFL Draft out of Ohio State, and the pick received scathing reviews for the longest time because Green Bay passed on Creed Humphrey in that pick slot, and he's been an incredible value for the Kansas City Chiefs. Myers has come into his own as a player, to be sure, but the Packers might not want to pay $8-10 million per season on a new deal to keep him around after this year.

If that's the case, we could see them rolling with another young player at the position in 2025.