Ranking the Packers' 12 Worst Draft Picks of the Last Decade

Which draft picks have been the worst for the Packers over the last 10 years?
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The NFL Draft is a crapshoot, there's no doubt about it. Getting upset about a team's "hit rate" in the NFL Draft is like getting upset about the 75 percent of times baseball players get on base. If only there was a statistic when it comes to the NFL Draft that was comparable to batting average in Major League Baseball...All things considered, however, the Green Bay Packers have been rather outstanding in this regard.

But they're human just like everyone else. The Packers have had some big whiffs over the last decade in the NFL Draft, and we're going to take an unpleasant trip down memory lane. Some of these guys were over-drafted. Some of them simply didn't have the chops to make it in the NFL. Maybe some were misses by the scouting department. The higher the pick, the more weight gets placed into the "miss". Let's look at the worst picks of the last 10 years for the Packers.

12. Carl Bradford, LB (4th round, 2014)

Former Arizona State star Carl Bradford was just a fourth-round pick, so we've got to take it a little easy on him (and the other Day 3 guys on this list). But he was still the 121st overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, so the Packers obviously had a decent grade and projection on him coming out.

Bradford, unfortunately, only lasted six games in the NFL. He last appeared with the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2018 offseason, but hasn't been around since.

11. Cole Madison, OL (5th round, 2018)

Again, you've got to take it easy on the Day 3 NFL Draft selections, at least a little bit, but even if things don't work out with the team that drafts them, you hope that later-round guys can at least catch on elsewhere.

If you've got a draftable grade on a player, you would at least hope he can find a niche in the NFL as a practice player or rotational guy. Cole Madison was with the Packers for parts of three seasons, but he's one of the only players on this list to never appear in an NFL game, and he's been out of the league since 2020.