Predicting the First-Round Picks for Each of the Packers' NFC North Rivals

Who are the Packers' division rivals taking in the 2024 NFL Draft?
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The Green Bay Packers should be thankful they have assembled one of the most talented young rosters in the NFL because the rest of the NFC North is going to get a major infusion of talent in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Packers' division rivals have a combined five first-round picks this year, and that's after the Lions have had multiple first-round picks for the past couple of years already. Not only that, but the Chicago Bears hold the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, so the Packers will have a new challenge coming from the Bears at the QB position.

Who are these NFC North teams drafting in 2024? Let's take a look across the division, starting with the reigning NFC North champions.

Detroit Lions (29th pick): Ennis Rakestraw, CB, Missouri

The Detroit Lions don't pick until #29 overall in the first round, but whoever they pick is going to feel very much like a "rich get richer" kind of situation. The Lions have really assembled a great core of players on their roster, but one area this team needs to address in the 2024 NFL Draft is the secondary.

The weak link of Detroit's 23rd-ranked scoring defense last year was the pass defense, which ranked 27th overall in the league. The Lions' pass defense gave up 28 touchdowns last season and ranked 29th in the red zone.

Help at cornerback should be on the way, and I don't know if any player in this draft class more exemplifies what the Lions love at every position group more than Ennis Rakestraw. He plays aggressive, he plays physical, and he's tough as nails. The Lions would probably love to come away from this draft class with someone like Rakestraw or Iowa's Cooper DeJean to upgrade their secondary.