Packers Find De'Vondre Campbell Replacement With Second-Round Pick

Feb 29, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M linebacker Edgerrin Cooper (LB08) works out
Feb 29, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M linebacker Edgerrin Cooper (LB08) works out / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers made an exciting second-round selection in the NFL Draft, tabbing Texas A&M linebacker Edgerrin Cooper as a De'Vondre Campbell replacement after bolstering the offensive line with Arizona tackle Jordan Morgan in the first round.

Considered one of the most athletic linebackers in the class, Cooper was an All-American and First-Team All-Sec player in 2023. He projects as a three-down defender and should quickly become one of the leaders of Green Bay's defense.

For a team that already has an excellent offensive foundation, this pick helps the defense ensure it'll be competitive for years to come as well.

Packers News: GB Drafts Texas A&M LB Edgerrin Cooper in Second Round

Cooper is the first linebacker drafted, so Brian Gutekunst had his choice of the class. The former Aggie is strong in pass coverage and an excellent run defender, giving the Packers' coaching staff a versatile defender capable of filling multiple roles.

He'll be able to defend linebackers and running backs in passing situations while stuffing the box when necessary on run downs, bringing high energy and a strong motor as well.

The infectious energy makes him a logical fit as a leader on the Packers' defense and should quickly make him a fan-favorite in Wisconsin. Cooper had 10 sacks in his senior year as well, showcasing a variety of pass-rushing moves and great anticipation when disguising blitzes.

While the first-round selection of Morgan could be viewed as an unexciting draft pick, Cooper is the exact opposite. He could easily lead Green Bay's defense for the next half-decade at least and will form a fearsome duo with Quay Walker.

His frame isn't ideal for a three-down linebacker, but that's the only quarrel any Packers fan could have with the pick. By any estimation, this is a slam-dunk second-round selection.

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