Packers Coach Trolls the Cowboys in Aaron Jones Remarks

Long-time Green Bay coach takes a shot at the Dallas Cowboys, the favorite opponent of former Packer Aaron Jones.
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Packers fans were understandably disappointed to see Aaron Jones leave in free agency to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. Jones had been one of the best offensive players in Green Bay for the past seven seasons and always rose to the occasion when the team needed him the most. He has been a great locker room presence and an exemplary veteran for the Packers since he was a fifth-round pick back in 2017.

It is not just the fans who will miss Jones. The coaching staff will almost certainly miss the Pro Bowl rusher as well. In fact, his long-time coach Ben Sirmans, who has worked with him for the duration of Jones' pro career, was pretty straightforward about his feelings.

According to Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Packers running backs coach Sirmans was "pretty sad" about Jones' departure this offseason. However, the most fascinating part of his remarks about Jones was the way he still found a way to troll the Dallas Cowboys.

Packers RB Coach Ben Sirmans Takes A Shot at Cowboys

Referring to the fact that Jones always went off against the Cowboys, Sirmans said that he asked Jones to not give the Packers the "Dallas treatment" next season.

"After everything went down, I had an opportunity to talk to him. We both expressed how we felt about each other. He understands it’s a business. Wished him well, and obviously we talked about seeing each other twice a year.
I jokingly said to him, ‘We aren’t going to get the Dallas treatment, are we?'"

Packers RB coach Ben Sirmans

Most recently in the 2023 playoffs, Jones had a three-touchdown game in the win over the Cowboys, adding another memorable performance against his home-state team. In his four games against Dallas, Jones has tallied 488 yards and a whopping nine touchdowns, surpassing 100 yards in each showing.

Sirmans will now hope that Josh Jacobs is able to replicate this performance against the Cowboys but he will have to wait since Green Bay and Dallas aren't scheduled to play this regular season. Jones, on the other hand, will face the Packers twice. Let's hope we don't get the "Dallas treatment" indeed.

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