NBA Announces Patrick Beverley's Punishment Following Inappropriate Conduct

The Milwaukee Bucks guard finally receives his punishment from the league for his behavior at the end of the Indiana Pacers series.
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The Milwaukee Bucks guard Patrick Beverley didn't cover himself in glory following the first-round loss to the Indiana Pacers. The 35-year-old first got into it with a Pacers fan, hurling a basketball multiple times at them, then was combative with a veteran reporter in the locker room, refusing to answer her questions because she "wasn't subscribed to his podcast".

The conduct on the bench at the end of Game 6 prompted a police investigation earlier this week. We are still waiting on the findings of the investigation but the NBA just released its own response to the altercation.

The league just announced via an official statement that Patrick Beverley is suspended four games for his behavior.

Bucks News: Patrick Beverley Receives Suspension from the NBA

This was to be expected. Endangering a fan by throwing a basketball at them is unacceptable and the league is generally strict about player interactions with fans.

Whether there are any more legal consequences for Beverley remains to be seen. It is also unclear whether Beverley will remain with the Milwaukee Bucks for next season.

The defensive specialist's contract expires this summer and he is about to turn 36. He tends to wear out his welcome due to these sorts of antics. It is not a coincidence that Milwaukee is his fifth team in the last three seasons.

On a veteran minimum contract and on the court, Beverley is a decent bench option. He can bring toughness, energy, and defensive chops. However, his off-court persona makes one wonder whether the juice is worth the squeeze with him.

Yet, Beverley is also a favorite of head coach Doc Rivers. This makes him a good bet to come back to Milwaukee for another season but we will leave that up to you to decide whether that is a good decision or not.

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