LOOK: Two Packers Rookies Take Field in Full Uniform for First Time

Two Green Bay Packers rookies took the field in the team's full uniform for the first time over the weekend.
Nov 24, 2023; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Tulane Green Wave quarterback Michael Pratt (7) is
Nov 24, 2023; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Tulane Green Wave quarterback Michael Pratt (7) is / Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since April's NFL draft, much of the attention around the NFL has been centered on the incoming rookies. The Green Bay Packers are bringing in a very intriguing draft class for the 2024 season, and fans are anxiously awaiting to see them in action.

Well, cheeseheads got a sneak preview of two first-year players at this weekend's NFLPA event.

Running back Marshawn Lloyd and quarterback Michael Pratt both attended the annual Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles this weekend. The event is designed to "educate these emerging stars on the business side of professional football and expand upon their existing endorsement careers.”

In a video posted by the NFLPA's X/Twitter account, Packer fans get their first glimpse of both Lloyd and Pratt in their full Green Bay getups. There's no denying the iconic green and gold uniform stands out among the crowd.

The NFLPA also provided a full "class picture" that features Lloyd and Pratt among their rookie counterparts.

Seeing Lloyd and Pratt not just in practice gear, but actually looking gameday ready, is sure to make Packer fans even more ready to catch them in action.

Thankfully, offseason workouts are about to ramp up in Green Bay, so more of Lloyd, Pratt and the rest of the team's rookies is on the way.

The Packers' first set of OTA workouts are schedule to begin May 20 and go into early June. Then Matt LaFleur's squad will get together for mandatory minicamp from June 11-13, where the rookies and veterans get to size each other up before training camp in August.

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