Green Bay Reporter Embarrassingly Doesn't Know Who Jaire Alexander Is

Despite being a household name in Packers fans' homes since 2018, one Green Bay reporter didn't realize she was interviewing Jaire Alexander on Monday morning.
Find out how Jaire Alexander caught one Green Bay reported off guard on Monday.
Find out how Jaire Alexander caught one Green Bay reported off guard on Monday. / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Jaire Alexander is easily one of the biggest Green Bay Packers fan favorites. Between his dominant on-field play and infectious personality, you'd have to assume it'd be impossible for him to go anywhere around town without being recognized by even the most casual Packers fans.

Well, it turns out that might not be the case after all.

On Monday, WBAY-TV’s Emily Roberts was conducting a live piece at Lambeau Field before being interrupted by Alexander. After the two-time Pro Bowl cornerback let out an enthusiastic "Pack is Back," Roberts told watchers that they "heard it right here from a fan."

The fact that Roberts didn't realize that the "fan" was Alexander is both hilarious and slightly embarrassing. After all, the 26-year-old has played 71 games across six seasons with the Packers, racking up 271 tackles, 63 broken-up passes, and 10 interceptions en route to two second-two All-Pro nominations.

On the other hand, Roberts does deserve the benefit of the doubt. While she should know who Alexander is, he did come out of nowhere and probably didn't expect that she'd be interrupted by one of Green Bay's top defenders in the middle of a live hit.

The important thing is that no one involved in the situation is taking it the wrong way. In fact, Roberts' co-worker and WBAY-TV sports anchor Adriana Torres joked about "our sweet news reporter Emily" on social media, even adding that "Jaire being Jaire is pretty dang funny."

A humorous moment doesn't hurt with a massive playoff matchup looming. As of Monday, the Packers are projected to be 7.5-point underdogs when they face the Dallas Cowboys in a Wild Card clash on Sunday, per BetMGM.

Hopefully, Alexander and the rest of his Green Bay teammates can find a way to shock the world and prove that the Pack, indeed, is back.