4 Packers Fighting For Their Jobs After Free Agency

These players have plenty to prove to keep their roles ahead of the new season.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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AJ Dillon, RB

One of the more surprising decisions by the Packers this offseason was to re-sign AJ Dillon. The fourth-year rusher struggled in his role in the 2023 campaign, averaging a career-low in yards per carry and scores. He was expected to take more of the workload from veteran Aaron Jones but failed to do so, leaving many to believe that he would be let go in free agency.

However, the Packers decided to bring him back as a backup to Josh Jacobs. Considering that Jacobs is an every-down rusher and Emanuel Wilson is also returning, it's safe to assume that Dillon's role will be relatively limited.

The one-year, prove-it type of deal that Dillon got from Green Bay shows that the Packers wouldn't rule out making more additions to the running back rotation. They have six picks on Day 3 and it is very possible that one of those could be used on another rusher with a higher upside.

The contract Dillon signed has no future cap hits on the deal and only a $1.29 million cap hit for 2024. If there was a potential upgrade available, Dillon could easily lose his role as RB2.