3 Worst Free Agency Moves From the Packers' NFC North Rivals

These moves could be great...for the Packers.

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After going 9-8 in 2023, the Green Bay Packers feel good about their chances this season. They were able to upgrade a few positions by signing Xavier McKinney and Josh Jacobs. They also have confidence following a strong finish and a road win in the playoffs.

As if that wasn't enough, there were even some questionable moves from their NFC North rivals. Let's dive into the three worst moves — one by each team in the North.

3. Bears Getting Torched on Justin Fields Trade

While this wasn't technically a free-agency move, the Chicago Bears still found themselves in a tough spot once the quarterback dominoes fell.

The main domino was when the Vikings lost Kirk Cousins, a move with a ripple effect that hurt the Chicago Bears. While attempting to trade Fields, the Atlanta Falcons were seen as the prime landing spot but that changed when they signed Cousins. Suddenly, the Bears lost all their leverage and were burnt in the trade market.

Chicago, who traded up for Fields in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, sent the quarterback to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a sixth-round pick. That could improve to a fourth-round selection if Fields hits certain playing time incentives but even that's an awful return on investment.

In all fairness, Chicago has had a good offseason overall. They landed Keenan Allen in a trade with the Los Angeles Chargers and brought in D'Andre Swift. They can also bolster their roster with the first and ninth selections in the draft. Thankfully, their good fortune didn't include getting more capital for Fields, which has to feel like a huge loss to them.