3 Low-Cost Safeties the Packers Can Sign to Pair With Xavier McKinney

After backing up the Brinks truck for Xavier McKinney, the Packers might need to look for a low-cost partner
Eddie Jackson
Eddie Jackson / Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Eddie Jackson

It still feels odd to consider Eddie Jackson a low-cost option but at this point in his career, he's going to have to take a minimal deal to prove he can still get the job done.

Jackson was a star at Alabama like Xavier McKinney, and entered the NFL the same year McKinney headed to Tuscaloosa. A fourth-round pick for the Chicago Bears, Jackson started 16 games as a rookie and had 73 tackles with two interceptions and a pick-six. In year two, he had six interceptions and ran two of them back for touchdowns.

He continued to play well for Chicago and in 2020, he signed a four-year $58.4 million extension which made him the highest-paid safety in the NFL at that time. But then, his play became inconsistent. He struggled in 2021 and while he rebounded some in 2022, he was never the same player we saw early in his career.

Jackson had his worst statistical campaign in 2023 when he recorded just 37 tackles and one pick in 12 games. That led to his release in February and he's still looking for his next spot.

At 30 years of age, he isn't going to be landing a long-term deal anywhere but perhaps joining forces with McKinney will help him recapture some of the magic he displayed early in his career.

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