3 QBs the Packers Can Draft to Compete With Sean Clifford

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst made his desire to draft a quarterback known. Here are three candidates to be selected by Green Bay at the 2024 NFL Draft.
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On paper, one of the last things the Green Bay Packers need is another quarterback. They have Jordan Love, coming off an excellent season, and his backup Sean Clifford, who they drafted with high expectations only last year.

However, everything coming out of general manager Brian Gutekunst's mouth indicates that the Packers are likely selecting another QB in the upcoming draft. This is in line with the strategy Ron Wolf had implemented in Titletown which resulted in consistently elite quarterback play in Green Bay for decades.

The Packers still have faith and confidence in Sean Clifford for all intents and purposes but believe that healthy competition is good for all sides. So, here are three QB prospects that the Packers will likely consider with one of their mid to late-round selections.

1. Jordan Travis, Florida State

Jordan Travis is one of the most difficult prospects to mock in this draft class. On one hand, he is one of the most accomplished and experienced signal-callers in the country, with 39 starts in Florida State under his belt. On the other hand, he suffered a serious leg injury towards the end of the college season and is currently in the midst of a rehabilitation process.

Before the injury, Florida State was the best team in the country, on an impressive undefeated run, heading towards a Final Four appearance.

If it wasn't for the injury, Travis would likely have been a top-100 pick and one of the first signal-callers drafted after the quartet of Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and J.J. McCarthy. Now, with his recovery timeline virtually unknown, he will likely fall to Day 3.

This could provide an opportunity for the Packers. Considering the fact that Travis will likely redshirt his rookie season, the Packers can continue relying on Clifford as the backup QB. Unlike other teams, the Packers can be extremely patient in developing the Florida State standout and wait until 2025 to integrate him into the team.

Travis is not only a very good athlete, but he is incredibly composed at all times. He is as creative as any, displaying both passing and running abilities outside the pocket. He rarely makes any mistakes, as demonstrated by only two interceptions in 325 passes last season.

Most importantly, he is a very tough and competitive player who knows how to win. Intangibles are always difficult to define, but whatever they are, Travis certainly has them. This level of athlete is hard to come by and if he falls to the Packers' lap in the fourth or fifth round, it will be difficult to pass up.