3 Packers Who Will Be Replaced on Day 2 of the NFL Draft

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The Green Bay Packers' 2024 NFL Draft class is underway with the first-round selection of Arizona offensive tackle Jordan Morgan. Morgan is going to step in and help protect Jordan Love right away, giving the Green Bay Packers an athletic, versatile player who could really slot in anywhere on the offensive line going forward.

With four selections on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft, what players on Green Bay's roster currently could be in danger of being replaced, whether that's in the starting lineup or potentially off the roster altogether?

Let's take a look at players who might need to be looking over their shoulder during the second and third rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft.

1. Whoever is Currently Slotting Next to Quay Walker at Linebacker

The Green Bay Packers have to be one of the most likely teams to select an off-ball linebacker on the second day of the draft. This is a position group that is obviously extremely important to new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley, who runs a base 4-3 defense and currently doesn't have the personnel at that position to effectively run the defense.

Former first-round pick Quay Walker is obviously a big piece of the puzzle, but who else do the Packers have right now? Eric Wilson could probably start in a pinch, but are they going to throw Isaiah McDuffie out there? That's really all the Packers have right now. Maybe they do plan on the veteran Wilson playing a starting role in the short term, but considering how much we know the Packers love doubling up at certain position groups in the draft, maybe we see them double up at off-ball linebacker, replacing any of the incumbents or current guys projected there.