3 First-Round Prospects That Could Fall to the Packers at No. 41

Could the Green Bay Packers get a 1st-round value with the 41st overall pick?
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The Green Bay Packers traded Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets last year, and the blockbuster deal included a conditional pick for the 2024 NFL Draft that ended up landing at #41 overall. Although that pick could have been an actual first-rounder if Rodgers had stayed healthy last season, the Packers might still be in a great position at that pick slot to be able to grab a 1st-round caliber prospect.

The question at this point is -- who is going to be available?

You just never know with the NFL Draft, but several guys who receive first-round hype pretty much always fall to the early portion of Day 2. Could the Packers come away with an absolute steal at that 41st pick? Which first-round-caliber guys could still be sitting there?

1. Jordan Morgan, OL, Arizona

Out of all the players on this list, I'm going to declare Jordan Morgan the biggest reach. Why? This draft class is loaded on the offensive line, but there's almost undoubtedly going to be a run on offensive tackles that happens in the earlier portion of the first round. That means there could very well be another run at some point late in the first round, and that's the range you almost expect someone like Jordan Morgan to go.

But the NFL Draft is unpredictable, and depending on who you ask, Morgan might be the 25th-best player in the class or the 45th. More and more people are ranking him in their top 30-35 prospects, so it would be an upset if the Packers were able to land him at #41 overall.

With that being said, the Packers might just run the card up to the podium with his name on it if he's sitting there for any reason.