Packers: How Aaron Rodgers eventual departure differs from Brett Favre

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The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers are going their separate ways.

The Packers are willing to trade the legendary quarterback. Rodgers wants to be traded to the New York Jets.

You would not be out of line if you had a feeling of deja vu. The Green Bay Packers famously traded another legendary quarterback, Brett Favre, to the Jets in 2008.

That is where the similarities stop regarding the endings of two great quarterbacks’ time in Green Bay.

Well, there is one more area where both tenures coming to a close is familiar. The Green Bay Packers moved on from both quarterbacks in favor of a younger quarterback the team drafted in the first round.

Rodgers replaced Favre and now Jordan Love will take over as QB1. Time can be a flat circle as the old saying goes.

It is rare for a franchise to go from one Hall of Fame quarterback to another. The San Francisco 49ers went from Joe Montana to Steve Young but that lasted for only 19 years. The Green Bay Packers have had either Favre or Rodgers as the starting quarterback going back to 1992.

That is a generation of Packers fans who have known nothing but outstanding quarterback play.

Now, it will be up to Jordan Love to see if he can continue the legacy. The same thing was said about Rodgers in 2008. So, there are three similarities between how Favre’s and Rodgers’ tenure ended, but that is where the familiarity ends.

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