Milwaukee Bucks: 11 potential trade partners for Eric Bledsoe

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There has been a lot of buzz about the Milwaukee Bucks potentially trading Eric Bledsoe, but what other teams want him, and what are they willing to give up for him?

Eric Bledsoe has had three lackluster playoff performances in a row for the Milwaukee Bucks as they’ve fallen well short of the ultimate goal of a championship yet again in 2020. Because of this, many people, including myself, have been looking for ways that the Bucks could move on from the veteran point guard and bring in some talent in the process.

This leads to one big question: Who wants him?

Many teams in the NBA already have a starting point guard that’s already either a star or someone they’ve identified as their point guard of the future. There are very few teams where a point guard is the main need, and some may choose to draft one early like LaMelo Ball or Tyrese Haliburton.

Despite all of that, I’ve combed through every NBA team and found eleven teams that are at least worth calling and seeing if they’d have any interest. They are in two distinct categories – a bigger group of teams that would give smaller assets for him, hoping he would be an upgrade for them, and a substantially smaller group of teams that would take Bledsoe as a piece in a deal for their star.

Within the larger group of teams that would take Bledsoe as an upgrade, there are some that are playoff teams looking to make a push and some are losing teams that might be trying to speed up a rebuild with a proven veteran.  Lower-tier teams are the Cavaliers, Pistons, Timberwolves, Suns, and Spurs while the better teams are the Heat, Magic, and Lakers.

Making a trade with those non-playoff teams could be tricky because other organizations would likely not be willing to give up any draft assets because they are trying to build for the future. So let’s look at what they could potentially get from each one of these teams with the disclaimer that not all of the possible trades I’m about to mention are great ideas, but rather just some possibilities on where trade talks could start.

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