Milwaukee Brewers MVP, Best Newcomer, and other season awards

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The Milwaukee Brewers, while disappointing with their 29-31 record, made the postseason for the third straight season so let’s hand out some awards for the best and not-so-great performers.

The 2020 season has finally come to an end for the Milwaukee Brewers and it was a season filled with ups, downs, and plenty of disappointment. Nonetheless, there were some guys that produced and brought some enjoyment to watching the Crew, even when we couldn’t all be there in person.

There are a total of five categories: most valuable hitter, most valuable pitcher, best newcomer, gold glove, and most disappointing. For each category, I will award a gold, silver, and bronze medal. Why a podium? Frankly, because I enjoy using the medals graphic that was made for the Olympics, but I hope you enjoy it.

Also, there will not be players listed twice, so while Daniel Vogelbach should probably get gold in every category except most disappointing (yes, even best pitcher I heard he throws a nasty 75 mph fastball) he will only be listed once.

Now that we’ve outlined the categories and rules, let’s dig into the craziness that was a 60-game season and have a little fun with some awards.

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