Milwaukee Brewers: Roadmap to stealing two games in Wild Card

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The Milwaukee Brewers were able to sneak into the playoffs on the last day of the season and now look to take down the top-seeded Dodgers.

What a final day of the season it was, perfectly fitting for this crazy 2020 year. In the midst of all the craziness, the Milwaukee Brewers managed to claim the eighth and final spot in the National League playoffs. Now, they face the Dodgers, who are the best team in the NL and probably the entire MLB.

If Corbin Burnes had not been hurt early in his final start of the season, Milwaukee could have lined up him and Woodruff to pitch games one and two. Having those two guys who can take over a game and carry the Brewers to a win would have made it quite the interesting first couple of games. Instead, they’ll need to steal one without one of their big guns on the mound.

Woodruff said that he would pitch on short rest if needed, but there doesn’t seem to be reason for that. If it was a one-game series, then 100 percent, he would be the guy, but when he can pitch game two on full rest, that is definitely the better option. That leaves game one to be pieced together and game three as well against the Dodgers’ scary lineup and monster starting rotation of guys who are all more than capable of going deep into the game. It sets up something similar to the 2018 NLCS, except the Brewers don’t have those bats, and their bullpen isn’t near as dominant as it was just two years ago.

We’ll go game by game and try to figure out how the Milwaukee Brewers can squeeze enough good innings out of their top arms to try and steal this three-game Wild Card series.

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