Green Bay Packers: 3 Players Who Must Bounce-Back in 2020

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images /
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This Green Bay Packers team will receive a big boost in 2020 if these three players are able to put together bounce-back seasons.

After going on a spending spree last year, this offseason was a quiet one for the Green Bay Packers. Well, quiet in the sense that they didn’t make any major additions. After the draft, there was actually quite a bit of attention focused on the Packers after they traded up in Round 1 for Jordan Love and selected A.J. Dillon and Josiah Deguara in Rounds 2 and 3, respectively.

With limited cap space in free agency, the Green Bay Packers would go bargain hunting, and with this unusual offseason, the impact from this year’s rookie class could very well be less than what it usually is.

This means that the Packers will be relying heavily on the internal development of their young players – which is what the good teams do; draft and develop – but they’ll also need a few key players to bounce-back.

Now, this isn’t something that only Green Bay has to deal with. Every season for every team, there are players who surprise – last year that was Chandon Sullivan and Allen Lazard – and there are also players who underperform.

Whether these three players bounce-back or not isn’t going to be the determining factor in the Packers being a six-win team or an 11 win team. However, Green Bay has higher aspirations than just making the playoffs, and if they hope to finally get over the Super Bowl hump, these three are going to have to play better.