Green Bay Packers: 2018 Mount Rushmore

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images /
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3. Blake Martinez

Blake Martinez is tasked with an incredibly important role entering this season. With Morgan Burnett gone to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Martinez is the favorite to land the green dot. The green dot is placed on a players helmet and means he’s the one with the communication piece in his headset. He will receive the calls from the coaching staff and relay them to the rest of the team.

This is an incredibly enormous, important and difficult task for anyone, nonetheless, a third-year player. Fortunately, Martinez has proven he’s ready to handle more duties. In 2017, his second season in the league, he had a breakout campaign. That should only continue heading into this season.

Martinez will make the statue due to his ability to play all over the field. There’s no doubt the line ahead of him deserves credit, as they will keep blockers off Martinez and allow him to run free all day. Still, Martinez will make sure he’s always around the ball and bringing down the ball-carrier more often than not.