Two Mets Suspended After Rhys Hoskins Drama

The Milwaukee Brewers are off to an eventful start to the MLB regular season.

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Not only are the Milwaukee Brewers off to a good start with back-to-back wins against the New York Mets but they are also embroiled in some juicy early-season drama. The offseason addition Rhys Hoskins is continuing to be the arch nemesis for the New York Mets.

In the season opener, Hoskins awkwardly slid into Mets second baseman Jeff McNeil, forcing the benches to clear on both sides. Hoskins responded very well the following game, hitting a two-run homer in the 7-6 Milwaukee win.

The Mets didn't take this well. Reliever Yohan Ramirez threw right at Hoskins at the top of the 7th inning. Fortunately, Hoskins managed to dock the pitch.

Ramirez, Mendoza Suspended for Throwing Pitch At Rhys Hoskins

We'll leave the decision of whether this was intentional or not to you. However, despite what Ramirez himself and Mets manager Carlos Mendoza claimed afterward (saying it was obviously unintentional), MLB made their own judgment. They suspended Ramirez for three games and Mendoza for one.

Mendoza will not be on the sidelines as the Mets and the Brewers close out their series on Sunday. Ramirez is appealing the decision and will continue playing until a judgment is made.

Hoskins, on the other hand, will continue frustrating the Mets fans and hopefully hitting a few more home runs with the Brewers uniform.

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