Top 5 Milwaukee Bucks Trade Targets for 2024

The Milwaukee Bucks need to improve their roster this offseason and these should be five of their top trade targets.
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2. Quentin Grimes, Wing, Toronto Raptors

Quentin Grimes is a different type of player than the others on this list. He's a dangerous outside shooter who has knocked down 37.1 percent of his career three-point attempts. That additional floor-spacing would be welcomed in Milwaukee, especially considering they might make additional moves for non-shooting players.

If he can land with a team that enables him, his offensive game has room to grow. Milwaukee might not have a ton of shots to go around, but it should be able to find more playing time for him than the Knicks did before he was traded.

His defense isn't on par with the others, but he's no slouch. He brings solid size at 6-foot-5 and would be an upgrade over Beasley on that end of the court.

He'll make just $4.3 million next season before becoming a restricted free agent in 2025. That salary is very acquireable for the Bucks and makes him an enticing and realistic option for a deal. However, Detroit might be upset after the Bucks blocked Jon Horst from interviewing for their President of Basketball Operations job.

1. Alex Caruso, Combo Guard, Chicago Bulls

Alex Caruso is the grand prize of the trade market. He checks a lot of the boxes Milwaukee needs to upgrade this offseason and would be a tremendous get.

The Chicago Bulls have been hesitant to trade him, reportedly asking for two first-rounders at last year's trade deadline. However, with DeMar DeRozan a free agent and Zach LaVine potentially on the move as well, the Bulls might be starting over. That could mean the Bucks use their 23rd overall pick as the centerpiece of a deal for Caruso.

Caruso is the ideal defensive partner for Lillard. He's big and strong enough to take on any wing in the NBA and can also hang with quicker point guards as well. That means he's nearly match-up proof and gives the Bucks all the versatility on the defensive end.

He won't give you much, if anything, on offense but is willing to do all the dirty work. He'll dive on the floor for loose balls, throw his body into the stands and take charges. Those all have a trickle-down effect on his teammates and the home crowd.

Caruso is under contract for one more season at $9.9 million. However, it's imperative the Bucks do what it takes to acquire him.

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