Top 5 Milwaukee Bucks Trade Targets for 2024

The Milwaukee Bucks need to improve their roster this offseason and these should be five of their top trade targets.
Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
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As the 2024 NBA offseason looms on the horizon, the Milwaukee Bucks are looking to reload, as they set their sights on championship glory. To revitalize their title dreams, the Bucks should scour the trade market for some new running mates to spice things up in Milwaukee.

In this article, we'll dive into five trade targets who could give the Bucks a serious boost. Wing athleticism, ball-handlers, and players who fit better around the core trio of Antetokounmpo, Damian Lillard, and Khris Middleton are at the top of their list this offseason.

There is still inconsistent information floating around about whether the Bucks will be considered a second-apron team or not. If they are, they wouldn't be able to send out cash in a trade or aggregate contracts. That would further limit their ability to strike a deal.

However, they will be able to ship out their 23rd and 33rd overall picks on draft night, as well as their 2031 first-rounder if they so please. That gives them extra ammunition to acquire a player on this list.

So, grab your popcorn and settle in as we break down the top five trade targets for the Bucks in 2024. From rising players to seasoned pros, these potential acquisitions could be the game-changers that propel Milwaukee back to the pinnacle of NBA success.

5. Terance Mann, Combo Guard, Los Angeles Clippers

With Malik Beasley likely on the move, Mann would add positional versatility to the Bucks as his replacement. He can play on the wing and even serve as a de facto point guard. That would be especially helpful on defense, where Milwaukee is looking to bolster its backcourt alongside Lillard.

He would also bring some much-needed athleticism, energy, and hustle to the roster. Milwaukee desperately needs an infusion of all three traits, which Mann addresses in one trade.

He's entering the final year of a two-year deal which will see him earn $11.4 million next season. That could be a tricky contract number for the Bucks to reach if they aren't allowed to aggregate salaries. However, given the turmoil the Clippers might experience this offseason, he's a player worthy of their consideration.