Ranking the Packers' 12 Worst Draft Picks of the Last Decade

Which draft picks have been the worst for the Packers over the last 10 years?
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4. Jace Sternberger, TE (3rd round, 2019)

For a while there, people thought the Green Bay Packers were just cursed in the third round of the NFL Draft. They had a string of players from 2014-2021 that led people to believe the team just might be better off not picking in round three than anything else. Jace Sternberger contributed to that.

After transferring from Kansas to Texas A&M, Sternberger landed on NFL radars with a huge season in 2018 for the Aggies. He parlayed that into a top-75 status in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Packers bought the hype, and it felt like Sternberger would step immediately into a big role for their passing game.

That didn't happen. He played just 18 games in Green Bay, catching one touchdown pass. He was still floating around the NFL over the last couple of years, most recently with the Bills in 2023, but hasn't seen any regular season action since 2020.

3. Amari Rodgers, WR (3rd round, 2021)

Remember the third-round curse I mentioned?

Amari Rodgers was a late bloomer at Clemson, but the trend of receivers built like running backs who could excel in space certainly affected his profile in draft rooms across the league. The Packers were buying that Rodgers could come in and contribute as an offense creator as well as on special teams, but that didn't happen. It was a bit of a trainwreck, in all honesty.

Rodgers has 20 career receptions and eight career fumbles. That's about how well it went.