Ranking the Packers' 12 Worst Draft Picks of the Last Decade

Which draft picks have been the worst for the Packers over the last 10 years?
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8. J'Mon Moore, WR (4th round, 2018)

J'Mon Moore is the highest-ranked Day 3 pick on this list, so I guess you would say he's potentially the worst Day 3 pick the Packers have made over the last decade. Moore played a grand total of 74 snaps for the Packers in his rookie season, and that was it for his NFL career. He was still floating around the NFL as recently as 2021, but the fact of the matter is, part of the rift between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers stemmed from picks like this.

Moore wasn't an NFL-caliber player, and the fact that he never played again after his rookie year in Green Bay is proof of that. He was taken 133rd overall in 2018, so this is a major whiff for the scouting department.

7. Josh Jones, S (2nd round, 2017)

Former second-round pick Josh Jones didn't even get 30 games with the Green Bay Packers before they ultimately gave up on him.

By the 2019 season, the former second-round pick out of NC State started floating around the league and a variety of franchises tried their best to extract the talent from him, but to no avail. Jones was the 61st overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and teams obviously would have wanted to see if their coaching could maximize that talent after the Packers let him go, but it wasn't to be. To his credit, Jones was at least still playing as of the 2022 season.