Ranking the Packers' 12 Best Draft Picks of the Last Decade

Who are the best draft picks the Packers have made over the last decade?
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2. Jordan Love, QB (1st round, 2020)

Can we really put Jordan Love this high on the list after just one season as the starter?

I would say so.

The former first-round pick out of Utah State was one of the most controversial selections in recent history for the Packers, and after sitting on the bench behind a back-to-back MVP in Aaron Rodgers, it looked like the Love selection was way too premature and borderline wasted. But he came out this past season and had a breakout season, in a big way. Love not only proved he could be a long-term starter for the Packers, but he had this team in position for an upset win on the road in the playoffs against the 49ers.

He showed he's a big-time playmaker and the game slowed down for him over the course of his first year on the job.

1. Davante Adams, WR (2nd round, 2014)

Next year, Davante Adams won't be on this list, because it will officially have been over a decade since the Packers drafted him. But for now, we can appreciate this pick one more time on a list like this.

Davante Adams is arguably still the best receiver in the NFL today. He is dominant in just about every possible way. The crazy thing is, it took him until his third NFL season to really get going. Adams is closing in on 11,000 receiving yards, and with a big year in 2024 he could eclipse 12,000 easily. He's caught 872 career passes and 95 touchdowns. He's a 6-time Pro Bowl selection and 3-time 1st-team All-Pro.

Adams is one of Green Bay's best draft picks ever, much less in the last 10 years.

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