Ranking the 20 Best Free-Agent Signings in Packers History

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17. Jared Cook, Tight End, 2016

When the Packers signed Jared Cook in 2016, they were looking to add a dynamic weapon to their passing attack. Cook, a talented but inconsistent tight end, inked a one-year, $2.75 million deal with Green Bay. Over the next season, Cook would prove to be a key contributor, providing the Packers with a playmaking presence at the tight end position and helping them reach the NFC Championship Game.

Cook’s impact was immediate. Despite missing six games due to injury, he recorded 30 receptions for 377 yards and a touchdown in the regular season. His ability to stretch the field and create mismatches with his size and speed added a new dimension to the Packers’ offense.

Cook’s contributions extended beyond his individual statistics. His ability to draw attention from defenses created opportunities for other players and helped the Packers’ offense operate at a high level. Cook’s versatility and playmaking ability were crucial to the team’s success, particularly during their playoff run.

One of Cook’s most memorable moments came in the 2016 playoffs. In the NFC Divisional Round against the Dallas Cowboys, Cook made a spectacular sideline catch on a crucial third-and-20 play, setting up the game-winning field goal. This catch is one of the most iconic plays in Packers history and underscored Cook’s ability to perform in high-pressure situations.

After his successful season with the Packers, Cook signed with the Oakland Raiders in free agency. While his time in Green Bay was brief, his impact was significant. Cook’s ability to make big plays and his memorable contributions during the playoffs make him one of the best short-term free agent signings in Packers history.