Ranking the 20 Best Free-Agent Signings in Packers History

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18. Keith Jackson, Tight End, 1995

When the Packers signed Keith Jackson in 1995, it marked a pivotal moment for the franchise. Jackson, a five-time Pro Bowl tight end and three-time First-Team All-Pro, brought a dynamic presence to the Packers' offense, adding a new dimension that significantly contributed to their success during the mid-1990s.

The Packers were emerging as contenders under head coach Mike Holmgren and quarterback Brett Favre. However, they needed a reliable, playmaking tight end to complement their aerial attack and provide Favre with a dependable target in crucial situations. Enter Keith Jackson, whose signing proved to be a masterstroke.

One of Jackson's most valuable contributions was his performance in high-pressure situations. His experience and composure in clutch moments were invaluable, particularly in the postseason. In the 1996 playoffs, Jackson's presence was felt as he made critical plays that helped propel the Packers to Super Bowl XXXI. His veteran leadership and ability to deliver in big games were crucial components of the Packers' championship run.

Beyond his on-field performance, Jackson's signing brought a wealth of experience and professionalism to the locker room. He was a seasoned veteran who had seen success and knew what it took to win at the highest level. His work ethic and leadership were infectious, providing a positive influence on both his teammates and the coaching staff.

Jackson's contributions were not limited to his receiving skills. He was also a willing and effective blocker, which helped bolster the Packers' running game. This versatility made him an even more valuable asset, as he could impact the game in multiple ways.

After the Packers' Super Bowl victory, Jackson decided to retire, leaving behind a lasting legacy. His brief tenure in Green Bay was marked by significant achievements and a Super Bowl ring, underscoring the impact he had on the team's success.