Ranking the 20 Best Free-Agent Signings in Packers History

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19. Jeff Saturday, Center, 2012

When the Packers signed Jeff Saturday in 2012, it was a strategic move aimed at solidifying their offensive line with a veteran presence. Saturday, a six-time Pro Bowler and two-time First-Team All-Pro, brought a wealth of experience and leadership to a team that had recently won Super Bowl XLV and was looking to maintain its championship pedigree.

Saturday's signing came at a critical time for the Packers. Longtime center Scott Wells had departed in free agency, leaving a significant void at one of the most important positions on the offensive line. By bringing in Saturday, the Packers not only addressed this immediate need but also added a player known for his football intelligence and consistency.

One of the key reasons why Saturday was a good signing for the Packers was his extensive experience and track record of success. Having spent the majority of his career snapping the ball to Peyton Manning with the Indianapolis Colts, Saturday had a deep understanding of the game, making him an invaluable asset for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. His ability to read defenses, make line calls, and provide steady protection was crucial for maintaining the high level of offensive efficiency that the Packers had become known for.

During his single season with the Packers, Saturday started 14 games and was selected to the Pro Bowl, demonstrating that he could still perform at a high level despite being in the twilight of his career. His presence helped stabilize an offensive line that dealt with injuries and inconsistencies throughout the season. Saturday's leadership and professionalism also had a positive impact on the younger players, setting a standard for work ethic and preparation.

Off the field, Saturday's reputation as a leader and a high-character individual further justified his signing. He was known for his work ethic, dedication, and ability to inspire those around him. These traits were particularly valuable in a locker room with a mix of seasoned veterans and emerging talents.

Although Saturday's tenure with the Packers was brief, his impact was significant. He provided the team with much-needed stability and leadership at a critical position, ensuring that the transition from Scott Wells was as seamless as possible. His contributions helped the Packers maintain their status as one of the premier teams in the NFL, and his influence extended beyond his on-field performance.