3 Packers on Thin Ice Heading Into the Playoffs

Which Green Bay Packers are on thin ice heading into the playoffs?
Green Bay Packers
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3. Christian Watson, WR

The Green Bay Packers have done such an incredible job at drafting and developing talent at the wide receiver position in recent years, despite a lot of criticism over the way Brian Gutekunst has handled addressing the skill positions.

The highest draft pick he's used in recent years on a receiver was on Christian Watson last year, trading up in round two to acquire the former North Dakota State star. And Watson has been impressive when he's been healthy, but availability hasn't been his best ability.

With that being said, I think Watson is a player to watch in this matchup against the Dallas Cowboys as someone on thin ice. Is he even going to play in the first place? If he does, are we going to see the best version of him?

I think Watson's snaps could be limited, but the Packers have every right to expect Watson to be impactful on the plays he's given. If not, could we see them go after a more capable WR1 type in the offseason? It's not unreasonable to consider the possibility at the very least.

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