3 Packers on Thin Ice Heading Into the Playoffs

Which Green Bay Packers are on thin ice heading into the playoffs?
Green Bay Packers
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2. Joe Barry, defensive coordinator

One member of the Green Bay Packers who absolutely cannot afford to slip up in the playoffs is defensive coordinator Joe Barry.

Unfortunately, even as "owners" of the team, the faithful fans of the Packers haven't been able to convince through their pleas in the stands and on Twitter those in charge of the team to let go of Barry.

Since Barry got to Green Bay, he's been under the microscope from the fan base. The Packers haven't gotten truly "better" in many metrics defensively since Barry arrived, and the fan base just about came out of its skin when the Packers allowed 30 points to the Carolina Panthers, who hadn't even sniffed that kind of offensive success all season.

If Barry's unit lets the fans down in the playoffs, even against a Dallas team that has scored a ton of points, the cries for the veteran coach to be fired will only get louder and louder. And LaFleur might end up having to do something about it.