3 Packers Who Need to Be Benched in the Playoffs

Which players should be benched -- or lose snaps -- for the Green Bay Packers in the 2024 postseason?
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2. Monitor the safety position closely

The Packers have had a lot of injuries and shuffling in the secondary all throughout the season. One player who has played particularly well in the snaps he's been given is safety Rudy Ford, who has inexplicably seen a downtick in snaps over the last handful of weeks. Even though Ford had a bout with injury for a brief bit, he's played well enough this season to have earned the right to stay on the field.

When quarterbacks are throwing into Ford's coverage, they are completing just 60.7 percent of their passes with two interceptions and a QB rating of 65.0.

So why were his snaps decreasing?

The Packers have been rolling with more of Darnell Savage and Jonathan Owens, which has been fine, but at the slightest inkling that either of those guys is struggling, they shouldn't hesitate to put someone else out there on a more full-time basis.

The way Joe Barry has utilized personnel this year has been odd at times, to say the least. With Ford on IR, the Packers have guys like Zayne Anderson and Anthony Johnson Jr. available. If they're forced to turn to one of those guys, it might not be great news anyway.