Packers 7-Round Mock Draft: Loading Up On Defense After Shocking Free Agency

The Green Bay Packers load up in this 2024 NFL mock draft scenario
Green Bay Packers
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4. 88th overall: Braelon Allen, RB, Wisconsin

Yes, the Green Bay Packers went out and got Josh Jacobs in NFL free agency. They also brought back AJ "Quadzilla" Dillon on a rare one-year exception that you don't normally see teams use. But the contract given to AJ Dillon is hardly prohibitive when it comes to the Packers moving on even at some point this offseason.

Braelon Allen was incredibly impressive in his time at Wisconsin and would give the Packers another top-tier running back prospect to pair with Josh Jacobs. The Packers' running game taking the next step in 2024 would get Matt LaFleur's offense to the next level and Allen has the type of talent to complement Josh Jacobs well.

5. Dominick Puni, OL, Kansas

The Green Bay Packers have an offensive line that is entirely home-grown right now, and they've done a great job of developing mid-late round guys under offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Adam Stenavich. Adding Dominick Puni here in the third round would be another great pickup.

Puni has positional versatility and would give the Packers an option to potentially compete right away for a starting gig at the right guard position after free agent Jon Runyan Jr. departed for the New York Giants this offseason.