Packers 53-Man Roster Prediction Ahead of 2024 Training Camp

Who will make the Packers' roster in 2024?
Green Bay Packers
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Specialists - 3 (5/53)

  • Anders Carlson, kicker
  • Daniel Whelan, punter
  • Matt Orzech, long snapper

There is a kicker competition going on for the Packers right now between 2023 draft pick Anders Carlson – who struggled last season, to say the least – and both Greg Joseph and James Turner. The Packers were one of a handful of teams to look into signing star UFL kicker Jake Bates, but they were beaten out by the Detroit Lions. After the Lions signed Bates, they cut James Turner and the Packers added him quickly.

It’s starting to feel less like the Packers are trying to find competition for Anders Carlson and a little more like they are trying to replace him as quickly as possible. We’ll see what happens.

Running backs - 4 (9/53)

  • Josh Jacobs
  • MarShawn Lloyd
  • AJ Dillon
  • Emanuel Wilson

It’s been a huge offseason for the Green Bay Packers at the running back position. They went out in the first wave of NFL free agency and signed Josh Jacobs, the former All-Pro Raiders running back who replaced longtime starter Aaron Jones. Not only did the Packers spend big money on Jacobs, but they also used a top-100 pick on USC star running back Marshawn Lloyd, and offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich said they want to get Lloyd involved right away.

It was rather surprising to see AJ Dillon brought back, in general, but he looked good at OTAs and the Packers have some enviable depth at this position after struggling with injuries last year. One of the players who stepped up after injuries was 2023 UDFA Emanuel Wilson, who showed enough last year to stick around for another season.