4 Perfect Head Coach Replacements When Bucks Inevitably Fire Adrian Griffin

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4. Mike Budenholzer

If this were to happen, it would send shock waves to the entire NBA world. Yet, it doesn't mean that it is a bad idea. In fact, bringing coach Bud back might be the best option the Milwaukee Bucks have.

The Milwaukee Bucks' championship window is not long. Considering the ages of Brook Lopez, Damian Lillard, and Khris Middleton, and their inability to add significantly to the roster, the Bucks presumably have a two-year window to win a championship realistically. Who better to lead them to glory than the guy who already did?

Yes, Budenholzer had plenty of foibles in his Milwaukee tenure. Last year's loss to the Miami Heat in the first round was embarrassing. He can have too much faith in his system and may be too slow and stubborn to make adjustments in the playoffs. His teams tend to do better in the regular season than in the playoffs. However, he is also one of the best coaches of the last decade and knows this team better than anyone.

Despite all the criticisms Budenholzer receives, he still has one of the best winning percentages among all NBA coaches. He knows how to win basketball games, and he has proven he can do that with this team.

Now, with the upgrade of Lillard over Jrue Holiday, the Bucks are an even more talented team. There is a chance Budenholzer can get more out of this group. If Giannis and the Bucks' leaders haven't soured on him completely, it might be a good idea to give coach Bud a call.

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