Bears Defender Takes Disrespectful Shot at Packers After Embarrassing 10th Straight Loss

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With yesterday's win over the Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers secured a wild card spot in the NFC, becoming the youngest team to make the playoffs since the 1974 Buffalo Bills.

In a rebuilding season that was supposed to be about development over results, the Packers still managed to make the postseason against all odds, under the leadership of Jordan Love. One would think that this would earn them some respect from their opponents.

On the contrary, the Packers received bitter disrespect from the Chicago Bears safety Jaquan Brisker following their 17-9 win.

Packers News: Bears' Jaquan Brisker Takes Shot After Loss

Brisker claimed that he has "no respect" for the Packers and that they don't have any stars on the team, and he followed that up by calling them "fake tough", according to Mark Grote of WSCR Radio.

Even though every player is entitled to their opinion and is not obligated to respect another team, Brisker's comments are embarrassing. He hasn't been able to beat the Packers in his NFL career, and the Bears once again finished the season last place in the NFC North.

Plus, his team just suffered their tenth-straight loss to the Packers, in a game where the Packers didn't punt once. Love had a passer rating of 128.6, Aaron Jones ran for 111 yards, Jayden Reed went for 112 yards and Dontayvion Wicks caught two touchdown passes. It turns out Brisker can't do a very good job covering non-stars.

Jordan Love has put up 563 yards, five touchdowns, zero interceptions, and a 129.4 passer rating in his two games against Chicago this season. Not bad for a non-star.

Trash-talking is fun. It provides extra motivation and competitiveness to rivalries. However, doing it after a game where your team was handily defeated could make you look like a sore loser.

Obviously, the Packers players didn't miss the opportunity to pounce on Brisker and his ridiculous comments. Aaron Jones and Preston Smith both took to social media to mock Brisker.

Making fun of the Bears never gets old, especially as the Packers keep beating them. However, Green Bay now has bigger fish to fry as they take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, while the Bears and Brisker watch from their couch.

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