6 Packers Who Could Be Cut Prior to Training Camp

Which Green Bay Packers players could be cut before training camp in 2024?
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2. Royce Newman, offensive line

It's hard to remember at this point how many times we've talked about the idea of the Packers moving on from Royce Newman. At some point, it's bound to actually happen, right?

It was clear as of last season that the Packers were getting ready to move on. Newman has gone from starting for the Packers to being a swing backup, and now we've seen him get phased out of even that backup role he previously held. The Packers turned to Sean Rhyan last year when Jon Runyan Jr. couldn't play, our clearest indicator yet that Royce Newman was on the chopping block.

The 2021 fourth-round pick out of Ole Miss is now joined on the offensive line depth chart by a host of new players, including:

  • Former first-round pick Andre Dillard (a tackle)
  • 2024 first-round pick Jordan Morgan (who could start at guard)
  • 2024 fifth-round pick Jacob Monk
  • 2024 sixth-round pick Travis Glover

It's going to be impossible to justify keeping Newman around this season given the way he's played lately when given opportunities and given the Packers' variety of additions along the offensive line. Maybe the Packers are trying to trade him to another team, or maybe they really feel like they can maximize their investment and keep him around for another year.

It's hard to believe they would still be keeping him around at this point, especially given the depth they've assembled all along that offensive line.