6 Packers on Thin ice Following the 2024 NFL Draft

Which Packers players are walking on thin ice after the 2024 NFL Draft?
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6. Linebackers and EDGE guys fighting for roster spots

The Green Bay Packers' scheme change from a 3-4 base to a 4-3 base obviously has had a big impact on the way this team has approached the offseason as a whole.

When you're changing schemes like this, you are going to have to overhaul personnel at the off-ball linebacker position simply by way of the numbers shifting around. The Packers previously would have kept maybe 4-5 off-ball linebackers, but with a 4-3 alignment, you might keep at least six. That has an impact on the EDGE position as well, because 3-4 teams might be more likely to load up on defensive line and outside linebacker.

The Packers drafted Texas A&M star Edgerrin Cooper (who also has some inside-outside versatility) along with Ty'Ron Hopper at the off-ball linebacker position. Those guys will pair with Quay Walker as well as holdovers Eric Wilson and Isaiah McDuffie. The question now becomes, how do the Packers play the numbers game in terms of the final roster? Are they going to have to sacrifice some talent on the back end of the roster at edge to accommodate for the new 4-3 defense?

It's possible. Players like Brenton Cox Jr., Colby Wooden, and Kingsley Enagbare are all intriguing names to watch with the Packers loading up at off-ball linebacker and going to a 4-3 look under Jeff Hafley.

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