6 Packers Already on the Chopping Block Before OTAs

Which Green Bay Packers are already on the chopping block before the start of OTAs?
Green Bay Packers
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5. Eric Stokes, CB

Call it the chopping block, call it thin ice, call it under pressure, or call it the hot seat. Whatever you want to call it, Eric Stokes is on it.

The primary issue here is, what alternatives do the Packers really have at this point? Would they have to swing a trade for a veteran on someone else's roster? Could they bring in someone like Stephon Gilmore in free agency?

Eric Stokes had his fifth-year contract option declined by the Packers this offseason. Green Bay is either putting faith in him this year, or they have alternate plans to move on that we don't yet know anything about. But over the last two years, Stokes has appeared in just 12 games total. He showed a lot of ability in his rookie season for the Packers (back in 2021) but we have barely seen him on the field the last two years.

Even with his first-round draft status, I don't think the Packers would hesitate to throw Carrington Valentine back out there again this year, or even someone like Corey Ballentine or Robert Rochell.