6 Packers Already on the Chopping Block Before OTAs

Which Green Bay Packers are already on the chopping block before the start of OTAs?
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Cracking the Green Bay Packers roster in 2024 is going to be tough. With only 53 spots to go around, the competition over the course of the offseason is going to be fierce, which means guys are going to have to put their best stuff on tape, even without the pads on during OTAs.

The Packers are one of the youngest teams in the NFL, and they got even younger this offseason by getting rid of some of the grizzled veterans on the team like 29-year-old Aaron Jones at running back. As a matter of fact, Preston Smith (31) is the only player on the Packers' roster right now who is 30 years old or older. Everyone else is 29 and under.

Not many players will be on the chopping block in Green Bay due to their age, but the talent in every phase is obvious. Which Packers players are on the chopping block with OTAs approaching?

Packers Players On the Chopping Block Before OTAs

1. Sean Clifford, QB

The Packers used a 5th-round pick on Sean Clifford last year, and frankly, this team is lucky he didn't have to see the field. Even though this coaching staff should be given the benefit of the doubt after what we saw from Jordan Love and his development last year, the selection of Clifford was a curious one in the first place.

The Packers took Clifford in the fifth round despite no one in the NFL Draft community really seeing him as a draftable player based on what he did at Penn State.

But the Packers carried Clifford as their backup all year last season. Luckily, they never really needed him. This year, Clifford might have some legitimate competition from Michael Pratt, who went in the 7th round despite being considered a possible 3rd-4th-round selection in 2024. Pratt is much further along as a passer coming out than Clifford was last year, and that could be evident on the practice field even with Clifford having a one-year head start.