6 Free Agents the Packers Should Sign Before NFL Draft

Which free agents do the Green Bay Packers need to sign before the 2024 NFL Draft?
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4. Justin Simmons, safety

The fact that there has been so much movement already on the safety market and Justin Simmons remains available is borderline sickening.

Simmons has been arguably the best safety in the league the last handful of years, and has played at a consistently high level since coming into the league back in 2016. No player has more interceptions since 2016 than Justin Simmons. None.

His 30 interceptions since 2016 are impressive, but add in the fact that Simmons has also forced five fumbles over the last two seasons. He's accounting for so many turnover-worthy plays at this point that you can almost bank on 3/4 of your games involving a Justin Simmons turnover.

The Green Bay Packers could add Justin Simmons to the mix along with Xavier McKinney and instantly have the best safety duo in the league. What's preventing them from doing this? Is it simply convincing Simmons and his family to come to Green Bay?

He would be beloved by this (or any) fan base. For any NFL team out there in need of a safety, the idea of letting Justin Simmons sign elsewhere is a tragedy.