5 Packers Who Could Lose Their Jobs to Rookies in 2024

Keep your eye on these five players on the Green Bay Packers who are in danger of losing their jobs to rookies during the 2024 season.
NFC Divisional Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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1. Sean Rhyan, Guard

After it seemed like Sean Rhyan might continue the Packers' dismal trend of underperforming third-round draft picks, he began to show promise in 2023. In preparation for Jon Runyan’s departure in free agency, Green Bay started rotating Rhyan in at right guard.

With Runyan officially moving on this offseason, Rhyan has a legitimate chance to secure a starting role. However, Jordan Morgan, the Packers’ first-round pick, could halt that progress.

Morgan, despite playing tackle in college, is seen by some scouts as a better fit at guard in the NFL due to his shorter arm length. Green Bay will likely give him every opportunity to start at guard or tackle, which could bump Zach Tom down to right guard and push Rhyan out of the starting lineup.

Rhyan’s journey to a starting position has been marked by perseverance. Initially struggling to make an impact, he gradually improved and earned his way into the rotation.

Yet, with the addition of Morgan, Rhyan faces significant competition. Morgan’s versatility and first-round pedigree mean the Packers will be eager to see him on the field, potentially at Rhyan’s expense.

The 2024 season is critical for Rhyan. He must demonstrate that his late-season improvements were no fluke and that he can hold his own against top-tier competition. Training camp and preseason games will be pivotal for Rhyan to showcase his skills and solidify his place on the offensive line.

For Rhyan, the challenge is clear: outshine a highly touted rookie and prove he deserves the starting spot. If he fails to do so, he might find himself relegated to a backup role, watching as Morgan takes over a position he seemed poised to claim. The pressure is on Rhyan to rise to the occasion and secure his future with the Packers.

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